The SSG works on electricity and on solar. This is a dynamic product by Belifal which can change your style of living. The SSG is an ultimate solution of frequent power cuts and emergency situations.

The SSG is a long lasting maintenance free solution for your home, office, hospital, school, etc. The SSG will last up to 6 years. However, we can get it repaired at a nominal cost. Well, the batteries are replaceable at a nominal cost. This makes SSG a long lasting solution.

We offer you full 6 months warranty.

This is a very basic issue that you may face. The Solution : Switch On the Master Switch.

We would recommend you to keep the Master Switch of SSG always ON. But, during the night, when your are not operating it or not charging it, you can switch it OFF.

No. Please keep the SSG Master Switch On when charging on Solar and Electricity.

When you operate 3 DC 5W bulbs and a DC fan together, the back up time is up to 3 hours. But, if you operate 1 DC 5W bulb and a fan, the back up time is up to 4 hours.

Yes. This is possible on our customized SSG. We can give you a customized SSG only on receiving full payment. Contact us for more information.

Yes. We have provided you with a USB slot to charge your electronic devices.