Surya Shakti Generator With Panel And Two DC Bulbs


Solar system Portable UPS ; Ultimate dc power based solution to Light up any two rooms and also charge your mobile Phone. Back up time of both bulbs together upto 6 hours. Dc adaptor included to Charge the portable power box There is a small red color LED indicator near the charging jack indicating the staus of the charge. Do not the charge the unit for more than 12 hours at one time, once fully charged unplug the 220V round pin charger and keep it at safe place. There are four DC jack used to light up LED Bulb and LED Light,one can also use the DC to DC wire to recharge various products. There is one mobile charging output Jack to charge various electronic device like mobile phone, mp3 device,portable hand games(PSP),Digital camera.

SKU: bel027
  • 2 x Bright LED Bulbs with Diffuser with long wire with up to 6 hrs back up each
  • ups dc Lighting box UPS – Power 2 x bulbs, mobile phones and SOLAR PANEL 12V20W
  • Low battery cut-off protection and Overcharge protection for Lon battery life
  • mobile charging option and also Electrical charger included for Monsoon cloudy days
  • Incase of Further information or doubt please mail at or call on our helpline number 8080515555/09821072175.
Brand Belifal
Model bel027
Item model number bel027
Power Source solar

2 Bulbs

You have to keep solar panel outdoors where bright sunlight is compulsory and is available from 9 am to 5pm. You can keep the SSG indoors.


Our SSG has updated…..

For better performance and easy installation, we have made a minor change in our upcomming SSG models…

We have separated the Solar Charging Point from electricity. Now you have tow separate inputs for charging through solar and through electricity.

The solar input is a push type input. Just press the red/black button and insert the wires from the solar panel according to the colors. Refer the below images…

IMG-20160412-WA0002 IMG-20160412-WA0001 IMG-20160412-WA0003


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