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Surya Shakti Generator Including 12V 28Ah Battery and 12V 20Amp Solar Charge Controller

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Belifal's Made in India Solar Surya Shakti Generator is ultimate dc power based solution to enjoy bright light or charge your mobile phone. The power box which has a inbuilt 12V battery and a advanced solar charge controller also inbuilt can be charged via solar or even by AC power using the included DC adapter through electricity. There is a small green color LED indicator to show charging indication and also Low battery cutoff red indicator to protect the battery from deep discharge. This product has many variations by way of battery capacity (stored power) and solar panels (battery charging)that can be used all offering different back up times otherwise the functions remaining the same.

Operating Instructions

  • The SSG is a simple plug and play generator also which means a DC 12v solar power box
  • Place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight from 9AM to 4PM for charging the SSG box for which on e red and one black wire have to be connected to the socket on the left side of the ssg box. We have provided a 21feet long wire so that the panel can be kept on the roof or terrace.
  • Also SSG BOX is being charged there is a green indication of charging which will be steady green and will become fast blinking green only if battery is fully charged.
  • Now you can connect the Dc fan or DC bulb on the right hand side sockets to use the respective products.
  • You cannot connect more than 250Watts solar panel with this battery box.

Package Contents

  • One 12V 28Ah Battery Box Including Solar Charge Controller
  • One DC to AC Electric Adapter
  • One USB Mobile Charging Cable
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