SOLAR Home Lighting System With DC Fan, USB Bulb, 40W Panel


Belifal Surya Shakti Generator Power Box with Solar DC Fan promises to live up to your expectations of a perfect green technology product. This Solar Shakti Generator Power Box with Solar DC Fan will work for minimum 6 hours, on a single day SOLAR charge, and Mobile charging port is also is in used. It has also been tested successfully in monsoon season for minimum 1-2 hours. The rugged design & simple to use our product makes it ideal for rural conditions. Package also includes SOLAR PANEL 40W + SURYA POWER BOX + SOLAR DC FAN + USB Bulb USB MOBILE CHARGING PIN to charge your Surya Shakti Generator Power Box.

This Surya Shakti Generator Power Box can also used to charge mobile phone.

SKU: bel060

Portable UPS with in-built battery lamp. Ultimate DC power based solution to give breezing air by Solar dc fan and also charges your mobile Phone. Back up time of each DC fan is  upto 7 hours. Solar Power box can be charged by Solar panel but during monsoon solar panel hardly generates any power therefore Electric Charger is included to Charge the portable power box.

There is a small red color LED indicator near the charging jack indicating the status of On the charge. Do not charge the units for more than 12 hours at one time, once fully charged unplug the 220V round pin charger and keep it at safe place. Charge the portable power only in ” OFF ” position or else it will damage and affect the life cycle of the rechargeable battery. There are four DC jack used to light up LED Bulb and LED Light, one can also use other DC products like 12v dc fan or tubelight . There is one USB Jack to charge various electronic devices like mobile phone, iPad, mp3 device, portable hand games (PSP), Digital camera and Portable DVD OPTION TO ADD SOLAR PANEL 12V 20W.


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