What is SSG ?
SSG is a Solar based Power Generator like a Kerosene or Diesel or Petrol Generator the fuel here is the sun i.e 6-8 Hours of sun The storage is done in the batteries Then you can use the stored power as you please anytime for running appliances given below also you have a option to attach a inverter but not recommended as inverter losses due to conversion are very high so SSG is ideal and best for lights and fans only

Surya Shakti Generator

A renewable-energy solution that is a revolution in itself. This environmentally-friendly clean electricity solution is for those who do not have reliable supply of grid electricity or those who are ethically inclined to use Planet-friendly renewable sources of energy.

The Surya Shakti Generator is a Solar Energy based electricity source that can generate electricity for a small home every day for 10 hours. Two LED tube lights, one LED bulb, one table-top fan and one mobile charger will run for 10 hours every day; more than sufficient for a small home which consists of a living room, kitchen & bathroom.

The Solar Panel supplied will charge up the batteries during sunlit hours every day. This power stored in the batteries will run the electricity supply every night. The current alternative to light up rural homes is kerosene which is expensive, and also a recurring expenditure. The light is barely sufficient and the toxic kerosene fumes cause breathing problems and eye problems which become permanent over prolonged exposure. Further, kerosene cannot give cooling breeze which is available from the fan in this solution.

Geared towards resurgence and a fast-growing Rural India, this clean energy electricity solution promises to shower the Country with its positive effects and provide much needed light for everyone. This light in turn will impart the light of knowledge to students who can study better towards a brighter future. The mother can have cooling breeze while cooking and serve with love. The father can enjoy a lighted living room in the evenings and be at peace when freed from the worry of paying recurrent electricity bills.

Priced at a reasonable Rs 20000, this entire package will free its owner from unreliable grid electricity and recurring bills. The life of the Solar Panel is 15 years and that of the LED tube lights is 10 years. The fan will easily last ten years with a little servicing required every two years. The easily available batteries need to be replaced once every two years for a nominal cost.

One is not buying electricity with this solution. One is buying peace of mind, a bright future for the child and actively contributing to keep the Mother Earth green and free from environmental degradation as well.

This is NOT an inverter which is also another popular solution for a similar setting. The inverter is a wonderful device which is specifically designed and targeted to provide electricity supply during small power-cuts which last two to four hours. In case of power disruption for long hours, the inverter is not an energy efficient solution.

It draws large amounts of electricity for a shorter time so as to charge the battery rapidly. Power consumed is greater in such a situation (leading to higher recurring bills) and battery life is also shortened as a result. Most inverters are designed to function from grid electricity, and cannot function well where there is no grid electricity or a situation where long power cuts are common.

In a situation where there is NO grid electricity for longer duration, the Surya Shakti Generator is THE simple solution for long term peace.

Comparison between Surya Shakti Generator and Inverter


Sr. No. Surya Shakti Generator Inverter
Functions for 12 hrs without grid power.                                                  
Cannot function for long duration grid power (more than 4 hrs) without power (generally used inverters only, as Specific ones are designed for long term usage, not commonly used)
Is a true power generator, Depends only on sunlight
Is a storage medium, depends on grid power
No conversion of electricity Hence no conversion losses Hence more energy efficient
DC to AC current conversion results in conversion losses Hence less energy efficient
Charges battery slowly Hence long battery life
Charges battery rapidly Hence shorter battery life
NO recurring bills
Recurring bills every month
NO major electronics Components, hence rare Chance of failure hence no Major servicing requirement
Electronic components present Hence service and repairs required from time to time

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